Serving Children & Families since 1972

      Our Home, Inc. is truly a work in progress. We are very proud of the agency that we have created. It is a testament to the hard work put in by our Board of Directors and staff that Our Home, Inc. is known to be a leader in the field of youth treatment services.

       Because we are a work in progress, we will continue to enhance our approach toward helping young people and their families restore a sense of well-being to their lives. The changes we make internally are dictated to us by the ever-changing scope of challenges that young people are faced with in our society. We must continually design and re-design our treatment programs to accommodate the youth we serve. But, we must never change our mission of providing quality residential care.





The Our Home, Inc. programs offer a comprehensive continuum of residential treatment to youth with varying and unique needs.  While the Our Home, Inc. programs operate as separate treatment centers, they are united through a board of directors, common administrative and clinical staff, and common policies.


To achieve this mission, Our Home, Inc.: