Serving Children & Families since 1972

      Our Home, Inc. is truly a work in progress. We are very proud of the agency that we have created. It is a testament to the hard work put in by our Board of Directors and staff that Our Home, Inc. is known to be a leader in the field of youth treatment services.

       Because we are a work in progress, we will continue to enhance our approach toward helping young people and their families restore a sense of well-being to their lives. The changes we make internally are dictated to us by the ever-changing scope of challenges that young people are faced with in our society. We must continually design and re-design our treatment programs to accommodate the youth we serve. But, we must never change our mission of providing quality residential care.

Steve Riedel, Interim Executive Director




Our programs are based on the philosophy of holistic health and strive to assess youth problems in an accurate manner, using approved adolescent testing procedures. We make every effort to place residents in the least restrictive program possible so that normal development processes are not disturbed.

We initiate a multidisciplinary treatment plan that incorporates the fields of medicine, psychology, education, recreation,community service, and other professions and disciplines when appropriate. We draw from community resources and employ networking concepts to ensure that residents experience a smooth transition back to their families and normal daily life.